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Construction and Development Services

It's been a while since we first began in Salt Lake City in the concrete cutting, placement, construction, and repair business. With new expert services like demolition & Radon testing, and mitigation its hard to believe its almost been 25 years.  It seems like only yesterday a handful of guys and trucks set out to change the construction industry with a service first mind set. Now, over twenty years later, Greene's Inc. is Utah's leading concrete repair, cutting, placement, and sawing specialist and our team of construction services experts also are qualified in drilling, demolition, sealing, and Radon testing. Our team has completed cutting & placement construction on projects such as widening I-15 in Salt Lake City and repairs on the University of Utah "U."

Yet the further along we go, the less it seems we're looking back. Whether it's the latest innovation in concrete demolition, cutting, sawing, placement, and drilling, or tackling a major highway construction, or repair, or even providing radon testing, and reduction services to homeowners throughout the Intermountain West. No concrete repair, placement, cutting, drilling, demolition, or construction job is too large or too small for Greene's to tackle with precision and accuracy. Our Salt Lake City clients and clients throughout Utah have seen, and applauded our commitment to excellent service above all else, check out testimonials here.

The Only CSDA Certified Company in The State of Utah

The Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association (CSDA) Company Certification Audit Program has been developed by the CSDA Certification Committee to provide owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, construction workers, and government officials with a valuable prequalification tool to improve the knowledge and skills of cutting, sawing, drilling, repairs, demolition, and placement contractors, and construction workers through testing and training. Greene's Inc. is the only Salt Lake City, Utah concrete repair & construction services company certified by the CSDA.

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Concrete Cutting & Demolition

Greene's Inc. began in Salt Lake City in 1990 with concrete construction, cutting, placement, drilling, and repair, and it is still our first specialty. Now this is just one of the many departments, such as demolition, that comprise Greene's Inc. We perform concrete, wall, and flat surface sawing, placement, core drilling, demolition, repair, and many other construction services as well as Radon testing, detection, mitigation and reduction. Through CSDA testing Greene’s Inc. has been certified as the only Utah Company trained in national drilling and sawing standards. Our specialized repair experts have the knowledge and experience to complete even the most complex demolition & construction projects. Read more about our cutting, sawing, and drilling services here.

Radon: Testing, and Reduction

A growing concern for Utah homeowners is the mitigation of Radon gas, an invisible and odorless gas that can enter homes through the foundation and avoid detection. This harmful gas is a byproduct of the radioactive breakdown of uranium in soil, and has been linked to many potentially fatal health concerns, including lung cancer and leukemia. Outside of concrete cutting, drilling, placement, sawing, construction, and repair services, Greene's Inc. has Salt Lake City's leading experts in testing, and mitigation of Radon gas with affordable, and effective reduction services. These issues are simple and inexpensive to repair, and many reduction systems can effectively cut harmful levels by 99%. Learn more about Radon testing, detection, mitigation and reduction. 

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Concrete Services

Concrete cutting, repair, sawing, drilling, placement, and specialized demolition is the core of Greene's Inc's construction services. We have the know-how, the experience and the equipment for the toughest jobs in Salt Lake City. Read More

Concrete Repairs for Homes

Touching up the concrete in your driveway, patio, garage or foundation is an affordable way to increase your property value.

Radon Mitigation Systems 

Radon gas is a deadly, invisible presence in many homes. The testing and placement of reduction & mitigation systems in your Utah home can help prevent the second leading cause of lung cancer from taking its toll. Read More

Concrete Repairs & Placement

What is concrete made of? How is cement different? How do you repair or remove concrete it once it's been installed? Find out from our expert salt lake city construction services team.