Core Drilling

Core drilling has many applications, and at Greene’s Construction, we make sure that our clients get the best possible service, when it comes to drilling through a concrete surface to create two openings. Whether you are looking to form a connection between two structures or fixtures, or looking to install something new, entirely, we can help you determine the best type of core drilling for your project.

Core drilling services are important in the creation of manholes, access for HVAC equipment, wiring, piping and much more. It’s best to consult with professionals so that we can make the process work for your project. Our team is committed to delivering the best results for every endeavor – beginning with the type of drill bit we use, to the actual drilling and clearing of rubble, and to the end result.

When Greene’s Construction does your core drilling, you can expect clean work and exemplary results. Our equipment is up to date and from the top manufacturers. For this reason, we’re confident that we can carry out our jobs in a consistent manner. The quality of our work is the same, each time – and that is superior quality.

What Separates Greene’s from the Rest

While other contractors may have the same kind of tools that we use, in our hands,  these drills and diamond cutters are much more effective. Years of experience back our work, and this is what sets us apart from our competitors. Have a look at the testimonials of satisfied clients, and you’ll know that you’re dealing with a top-class contractor.

More than anything, the capabilities of our team make us more competitive. When it comes to providing the services you need, we have the skill and the gear – and   we are able to provide you with comprehensive, top-caliber service, every time. It’s no secret that we want to be the number-one choice for core drilling in Salt Lake City, and you’ll see it in our work.

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