Sealing and Epoxy Division

Concrete Sealing and Epoxy Services

Concrete is porous much like a sponge, and it’s exposed to a range of contaminants, such as freezing temperatures, precipitation, and road salt. Concrete absorbs these contaminants, causing it to crack and chip.

This is exactly why joint sealing is a very important finishing touch to any Utah construction job. As joints crack due to shrinkage, dirt and rocks can work their way in, causing spalling when the concrete expands. Joint sealing also prevents water from getting under the slab, which can cause heaving in the winter, washing away of the sub base, and settling. Sealing joints also makes the slab easier to clean. The severe cold weather in Salt Lake City has been known to crack concrete that has not had joints proper finished.

Greene’s Construction: The Experts in Concrete Sealing in Provo and Other Parts of Utah

Greene’s Construction is the go-to team of experts in concrete sealing in Ogden, Provo, Sandy, and West Valley. With our expertise, you can improve your concrete finish and preserve it for the years to come. Our state-of-the-art sealing products, as well as sealing equipment, can also make sure your concrete remains protected from the harsh elements and other types of damage.

We give every project the same amount of care as every other aspect of our job — and that’s something our competitors simply cannot match.

Concrete Services for Any Industry

Our sawing and sealing capabilities can be used for Highways, Airports, Municipal Streets, Parking Lots, Bridge Structures, Concrete Spall and Patch Repairs, Epoxy, and Waterproofing. Greene’s Inc has done services in sawing and concrete sealing throughout West Valley and the surrounding areas on projects such as widening I-15 and repairing the University of Utah “U.”